It’s all about the networking. Your contacts, your ideas, you creations: everything that shapes your “business persona” should pour out of your two-page resume into the digital world. Every recruiter nowadays uses internet as another tool to research on the candidates’ background, so the best choice is to use this to your benefit.

Gaining visibility on the net, and carry out marketing about yourself, means that you will do a lot of “social media”. More specifically, you will be creating content. Actually, it’s possible that you are doing that very thing currently. Working in a personal project? Collaborating on open source software on github? Tweeting about the latest technology developments? Advertising your personal brand is just using the means to link what you do, share, and create with your name and image.

Opening a blog sounds like a good place to start. Share those bits of knowledge that you have been learning during your business experience with everyone willing to listen. Open up a channel with your readers, and invite discussion on the comments section. After all, this is not a strategy to boost your ego – or rather, it shouldn’t be only about that. Define an objective: do you want to broaden your professional career? Increase the market reach of your own product? Define a strategy to achieve an objective. Focus on a goal to get a sense of improvement.

What’s out there? Are there any other professionals linked with your area of expertise? Then start by standing on the shoulders of giants: follow them, interact, and share with them what you create. Either them will notice, and help you bring word of your content, or other creators and readers will, and thus your audience will grow. Write about what YOU know about. Be passionate, and don’t fear to give your opinion.

Welcome, everyone. I’m Alvaro, and this is my blog on technology and software development.

Developing a personal brand

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